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" A world-class network of healthcare establishments in India "
Manipal Hospitals is part of the Manipal Education and Medical Group (MEMG), which pioneers in the field of education and healthcare delivery.The focus at Manipal Hospitals is to develop an affordable tertiary care multispecialty healthcare framework through its entire delivery spectrum and further extend it to homecare.


Admission Process

If you are needed to be admitted, your doctor will fill out a form that includes information like the plan of treatment, your preferred room type, the approximate concomitant hospitalization cost and the approximate number of days of hospitalization. You may approach the admission lounge and place your name on the waiting list for the desired category of bed. If you are eligible for cashless hospitalization, you may approach Corporate Relation enquiry. You will be given the necessary information and will be assisted on the documentation required for all the approvals. If your case is an emergency, you will automatically be put on the priority list. As soon as the room is finalized, you will be notified. Payment is to be made in the cash counter next to Admission desk after Admission. In case of an emergency, minimal payment can be made after authorization from the concerned authority.

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